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Forensic photography requires specialized equipment including digital cameras, lenses, different types of flash, tripods, memory cards, markers, rulers, etc..  We supply these products in whatever brands your specifications require.  


Digital cameras provide accurate photographic and video evidence of crime scenes.  Panoramic images show investigators all of the details of the scene and can be revisited digitally by all authorized personnel. 

Roundshot Metric


A high-quality, fully automated panoramic camera system, the value-priced Roundshot Metric allows Crime, Fire, and Accident Scene professionals to document ALL of the details of the scene and have them available for future investigations, providing high-definition panoramic images, and information for highly accurate reports.

Panomaker software


This fully automatic software organizes all of the images from multiple panoramas, places them into folders, takes extraneous images and puts them into a trash folder.  The software then automatically creates the panoramas with exacting accuracy.  The days of manually adding controls points are over.

SceneVision - Panorama software


SceneVision Panorama provides a fully interactive digital report of the crime scene, fire scene, or accident scene.  SceneVision Panorama is value priced, easy-to-use, and powerful.  SceneVision Panorama is the lowest-cost full featured Panoramic Crime Scene Documentation software with Interactive Forensic Reporting available on the market.

Easily create fully documented compelling courtroom presentations.

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