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Digital Media Evidence Manager


Investigative and Police agencies have been working in the digital age for some time.  As CCTV systems, in-car cameras, and Internet video postings continue to proliferate and as more and more of the evidence provided for investigations has become digital, these agencies are finding themselves inundated with enormous amounts of digital data and working to find better ways to keep it organized for efficient review and for trial.

In response to this need, Ocean Systems has developed QuickDME TM: a Digital Media Evidence Management System that solves the most difficult obstacles for investigators and keeps all the information regarding a case in one place making it available to the appropriate individuals according to their clearance levels.

One of the features that clients appreciate the most about QuickDMETM is its video-file-association  capabilities.  In the past, when proprietary video was brought into an investigation, it could not be viewed by detectives or other investigators until a technician had processed the video into an accessible format.  QuickDMETM changes that.  Once a video has been ingested in the system along with its proprietary player, anyone with proper authorization can view the video in its native format.


QuickDMETM places all digital information related to an investigation in one easy to find location according to the purchasing agency’s protocols.  These may include:


  • Original video files
  • Edited video files
  • Clarified images
  • Suspect Lineups
  • Original audio (crime-reporting calls)
  • Clarified audio
  • Expert analyses
  • Investigative notes
  • All types of reports
  • Witness statements
  • Blood spatter analysis
  • Ballistic reports
  • Etc.




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