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     Nexotek is committed to providing quality training with all systems, software, and products that require it.  Our factory-trained teachers provide excellent quality training in English or Spanish.  Should translation into Portuguese be necessary, we will procure appropriate professional translators to ensure an excellent training experience.


     It is Nexotek's goal that each client be successful in the use and application of the solution purchased.


     Onsite training is available for:


  • Digital Media as evidence, forensic video and images including Avid Media Composer, Photoshop, ClearID and dTective from Ocean Systems and training in capturing videos and images, video demultiplexing, and digitizing analog video.
  • Video Forensics using AVID Media Composer and Ocean System's dTective software
  • Image Clarification using PhotoShop and OceanSystems's ClearID software
  • Audio Forensics using Digital Audio Corporation's QuickEnhance Audio Suite


     Online training is available for:
  • Image Clarification using PhotoShop and OceanSystems's ClearID software
  • Understanding the Basics in Audio Forensics 
  • Understanding the Basics in Video Forensics
  • Basic 2D crime scene documentation using 360° photography and 3rd Tech Software.