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Video and Image Clarification, Video Capture, and Forensic Video Tools


     Our video and image clarification solutions provider has 25 years experience in the development and sale of forensic video and image clarification solutions for Law Enforcement and government entities. Ocean Systems' has a proven track record as a company that listens to its end users, innovates and adapts to changes in technology and needs in the field. Ocean Systems has more than 2,000 systems installed worldwide. Recognized internationally as a leader in the field of forensic video and image analysis, dTective, Omnivore ClearID are widely used by government  agencies at the federal, state and local levels as well as by Armed Forces.

     Occam Video Solutions has recently released a revolutionary video analysis solution: iNPUT ACE.  This software expedites video workflows whether the video is from CCTV players, cell phones, or other sources.  I also provides essential video analysis tools.

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